About the Founder

Aimee Halstuk is a dynamic leader who happens to have Cerebral Palsy. Aimee has never let her movement differences prevent her from living a full and happy life. She began teaching her first Just Give Me A Chance group in the summer of 2010. Six little girls met once a week, had fun, and most important, developed lasting friendships and beautiful memories. The girls continue to be involved in Just Give Me A Chance.

Aimee provides a unique perspective in the program because she has had similar experiences to the children and can personally make connections with each individual child. Aimee continues to lead the group as a terrific role model who inspires children with movement differences to embrace their ability and be confident in themselves.

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, Aimee never stopped herself from ice-skating, kayaking, traveling or being involved in social activities. Her classmates rarely excluded her because of her physical differences. She was happiest when she was with her friends, having fun and just being a kid. These experiences would lay the groundwork for her future.

As a child she did not have friends with movement differences and wished there was a program that created community amongst children with movement differences. Aimee decided to solve this problem by creating a social playgroup that gave children with movement differences the opportunity to relate with one another, compare life stories and leave their limitations behind. Aimeeā€™s social playgroup would emphasize the importance of socialization, fun, and play for children with physical disabilities. Therefore, Just Give Me A Chance was born.

Aimee is thrilled to be an innovative program developer knowing that Just Give Me A Chance is her heart and soul.

Aimee has been working with children of all abilities since 2001 and has worked in the field of disability studies and child development since 2009.

In addition to Just Give Me A Chance groups, Aimee has developed and implemented programming for Summer camps and preschools. Throughout her program development, she has also had the opportunity to be a motivational speaker while educating school-age children on disability and inclusion. Aimee has also had the opportunity to play a significant role in pathways.org Center and was honored to be the pathways.org Center Keynote speaker. Aimee had the privilege to educate 450 listeners on disability inclusion and early intervention.

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