Program overview

Just Give Me A Chance provides a space filled with arts and crafts, cooking, games, laughter, singing and much more. JGMC creates a community where children feel comfortable sharing what it is like to have a movement difference. A young girl from the program states,” It is easier for me to tell my friends at JGMC what it feels like to have a disability because they understand how I feel”. Another young girl states, “I learn that people move differently, I move differently and that’s cool. This club is awesome.” Together the participants explore ways to empower each other, through a jump jam dance party, tie-dying t-shirts, journaling, and many conversations while developing lasting friendships and identity.

Accommodations and inclusion support

Just Give Me A Chance provides each child with the support they need to find success within the program. Before classes begin Aimee, the founder and leader of the organization, will meet with parents to discuss and determine what support is best for each child.

Timing and locations

Classes meet over a nine week period once a week for two hours. Multiple sessions run throughout the year and children are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible to maintain friendships and continue enhancing leadership skills. The location is determined based on where participants are located. Groups are available at a variety of locations throughout the Chicagoland area.